Friday, 19 December 2014

Bulandshahr District Magistrate B Chandrakala lashes out at civic officers for poor road construction

Woman IAS Officer Fires Away At Bulandshahr Civic Officials

The Bulandshahr District Magistrate B Chandrakala is suddenly in limelight after a video which features her lashing out at municipal officer and contractors for their negligence from duty. The video of the same went viral on social media. In this video, DM B Chandrakala is seen scolding civic officers and contractors for not completing their work. She also shouts on engineers and contractors for using poor quality tiles in road construction. Chandrakala  further demands immediate inquiry into the matter. The local people have praised the DM’s strict action against low quality works.
People are appreciating Chandrakala’s stand through social media. In India where corruption has entered into the veins of public servants, officers like Chandrakala are only a ray hope for common man that India will change. Chandrakala’s act is commendable and others should learn from her.
After the incident, Chandrakala may face another transfer as  according to NDTV, she has been transferred recently from Mathura, reportedly without any proper explanation. One can understand why it would have happened.

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